6 thoughts on “An Overwhelming Smackdown

  1. Funny how the Dutch from the Netherlands enjoy one of the most liberal cultures on Earth while the Dutch immigrants from this country are almost all right-wing evangelical conservatives.

  2. This thing is far from over. The revolt has been sparked mostly by the left-wing, socialist, anti-globalist forces in Europe. True, some more conservative elements have played a big roll as well, but I don’t think the EU is about to disappear anytime soon. As in the US, the politicians who have most to gain here also are pulling many of the strings. I’m kinda “wait and see.”

  3. Yes, apparently all the smart people in the Netherlands left…

    And the Netherlands is the most liberal place on Earth, unless you’re Geert Wilders who has to live in a prison due to radicalized Islamic terrorism. Or Ayan Hersi Ali… or Theo Van Gogh who was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam for speaking out against the Islamic subjugation of women…

  4. Yeah, Dutch immigrants (and their progeny) are usually conservative. Thanks Dutch Reform Church! Glad we held onto that tradition…and using the pancake as dessert. That’s also one of our better moments.

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