What To Do With Dick Durban?

William Kristol writes in The Weekly Standard that Dick Durban should get the boot from being the #2 Senate Democrat. Trent Lott was forced to step down from his leadership position over far less, thanks in large part to the demands of many in his own party.

Every day that the Democrats don’t give Dimwit Dick the boot makes it worse for them — Durbin’s idiotic statements are political gold for the Republican Party. The Democrats have lost two consecutive elections because of their perceived weakness on issues of national security. Now that they’ve become the party that officially stands for the head-lopping terrorist over the US soldier that image is only going to become stronger. The Democratic party is losing their own moderate base — hysterical cries of “theocracy!” only further alienate the religious majority in this country, while the idiotic and frankly anti-American comments of Dick Durban will continue to alienate the security-conscious voters as well. 11% of Democrats voted for President Bush in 2004 — and that number is only going to increase so long as the Democrats keep tilting to the far MooreOn left.

If the Democrats were smart, they’d be all over themselves trying to distance themselves from Durbin’s inflammatory and idiotic comments. The fact that they’re remaining mum or defending him only shows how politically tone-deaf they’ve become.

2 thoughts on “What To Do With Dick Durban?

  1. Thus far, it doesn’t appear that Republican efforts to distract the public from their domestic and foreign policy train wrecks with Dick Durbin are working. Then again, it took about a week before Trent Lott’s bonehead remarks caught up with him. I always thought Durbin was a pretty polished spokesman unlikely to become so emotionally charged. Clearly, I was wrong. The Democrats should know by now that Rule #1 in the Republican playbook is to deflect their own failures on real-world issues with whatever symbollic snafus are made by their opposition or any other non-Republican constituency. For Howard Dean and Dick Durbin to help the GOP with this process rather quietly let the sky fall on the intoxicated-with-power party’s head shows that neither is controlled enough to be in a power position.

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