At Least Someone’s Taking A Stand

The editors of RedState single out Congressman Lynn Westmoreland for bucking the House leadership on spending:

On March 14th, aided by 22 Democrats, the Republicans passed a rule for consideration of the emergency spending bill dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan, and hurricane relief. The vote was 218-200. Lynn Westmoreland, along with John Shadegg, Mike Pence, and 25 other Republicans, voted against the rule because, among other things, it failed to offset hurricane relief costs. Leadership had refused to separate out war spending to increase chances of their fiscal recklessness passing.

Westmoreland, along with John Shadegg who was also a deputy whip, was uncerimoniously kicked off the leadership team because, in the words of Roy Blunt, “You need an example every once in a while.”

According to news reports, Westmoreland said he chose principle over the party line. Westmoreland, quoted in Congress Daily AM, said, “I’m not a martyr. You do what you got to do.”

Rep. Westmoreland did the right thing, and the leadership team should be ashamed of themselves. The Republican leadership had damned well better realize that politics as usual isn’t going to fly with the base anymore. Trying to use the cover of our brave men and women overseas for more pork-barrel politics is a deeply disturbing action. Representatives Westmoreland, Pence, Shadegg, and the other dissenting Republicans were willing to put their fiscal principles over political expediency. We need more like them in public service these days.

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