A World Premier Podcast

Since everyone else is doing it, from the Sultan of Brunei to the scum of the Earth, I figure I might as well get on the whole “podcast” bandwagon. But let’s face it, plain old podcasts are boring. Who wants to hear about some acne-faced loser discussing which Star Trek captain would win in a fight. (It’s Kirk, by the way, DUH!) No, I wanted to do something completely different, something no one had ever done before…

And that’s when it hit me. Why not do a podcast in American Sign Language? Nobody has ever done anything like it!

So, I managed to blackmail persuade a few guests to join me for the first-ever Jay Reding.com Sign Language Podcast! In this edition, noted blogger Wonkette recounts an incredibly salacious story of sex and a prominent Washington politician that involves using a rubber chicken in a way you’ve never thought possible! Later on, Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds shares the secret to blogging success and I even manage to get Kos to admit his secret infatuation with Ann Coulter. You won’t believe the incredibly shocking revelations contained in this podcast!

Click here to download this world-exclusive podcast!

3 thoughts on “A World Premier Podcast

  1. Kirk would win in a bare knuckles throwdown, but from the captain’s chair? C’mon, Picard could take his sorry Iowan rear any day. Bah…

    Good podcast by the way. 😉

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