Please, For The Love Of God, No!

President Bush says his brother Jeb would make a “great President” someday. Now, granted, Jeb Bush is in many ways a better politician than his brother, but after 8 years of one President Bush, I doubt anyone’s going to be truly enthusiastic about going in for another round.

And if it comes down to Bush v. Clinton in 2008, I swear I’m going to go nuts.*

(*OK, so maybe more nuts…)

3 thoughts on “Please, For The Love Of God, No!

  1. The Decider is trying to set his brother up for 2012 or 2016. I don’t think he has any delusions of another Bush in the White House already in ’08. I still can’t see it happening as Americans will likely resist what appears to be a political dynasty. Furthermore, Jeb’s gonna have a hard time remaining relevant 6-10 years from now….unless he’s secretly plotting to take the baton from Katherine Harris in her kamikase Senate run. With Allan Bense out of the race, Jeb is the only guy who has a chance at beating Bill Nelson there at this point.

  2. I thought the idea was to get away from monarchy?

    If Jeb becomes President, I’m out. Have a good one.

  3. I would first laugh, then cry, then pump my fists in angerand finally laugh if the republicans head this country towards what inevitably would not just four but eight more years of downward progress.

    I say run Jeb. He’d win because of his name and his family’s connections but the aftermath, while depressing, would be hilarious.

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