Dept. Of State Of Denial

The Dept. of State/Joel Mowbray controversy continues as more comes out about the State Department and their poor handling of criticism over the Visa Express program that lets Saudis into the contry with only minimal supervision.

The State Department doesn’t seem to want to deal with the problem – the Visa Express program is a terrible idea. It seems to be easier for them to shoot the messenger than actually attempt to correct the underlying problem. Whenever government officials start acting in such a way, it means that they are no longer suitable to be government officials. Government, even a group as important as the State Department, is to work for the people for America, not for the Saudis, and not for themselves. The kind of spin and distortion put out by the State Department is shameful. Those involved in covering up the problems behind Visa Express in light of these new findings should be fired by President Bush personally for their inexcusable conduct.

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