The Iraqi Deception

Iraq is promising to work with the UN on weapons inspections to avoid a US attack.

What the Iraqis are doing is actually pretty nefarious. They know that any UN weapons inspections will do nothing to halt their WMD capabilities. Their research facilities have been moved underground or into civilian buildings. They will likely restrict any weapons inspectors from getting even close to any of their weapons facilities.

In short, what they want is for the UN to say "no weapons here" and go home – making the US look like it’s striking the country sheerly out of a vindictive desire to take over the Iraqi oilfields. They’re betting that if faced with enough international pressure, the US will back down.

Iraq is clearly developing weapons of mass destruction, and would not invite weapons inspectors to the country unless they know that they would be unable to prevent Iraq from completing these weapons projects. Unfortunately, the rest of the world seems unable and unwilling to see through Iraq’s deception, and are unlikely to act against the threat of a nuclear-armed Iraq.

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