More UN Stalling

Now the UN is saying that the Iraqi weapons declaration will not be released until after Hans Blix’s inspection team has reviewed and edited it. Which means that the full 10,000 page document, some of which will be in Arabic may not be presented to the Security Council for some time.

This is obviously a diversionary tactic by the UN and Iraq to delay US action, in the hopes that if there is a long enough delay, the US will back down. Of course, what they fail to realize is that the more they stall, the more transparent their stalling becomes, and the more the chances that the US will choose to act on their own timetable.

2 thoughts on “More UN Stalling

  1. I have to agree here. Personally I’d love that report to be released in it’s entirety immeadiately. I’ve always wanted to know the proper recipe for anthrax, as mine has never quite worked right…

    What the hell.

    Instead of bitching about how thier stalling why don’t we offer all available assistance to get that thing ready for release ASAP? That would be too easy I’d imagine, plus it wouldn’t give you the golden opportunity to whine about it. 🙂

    Besides, 10,000 pages can’t take too long. If they haven’t finished within a month I’ll jump sides. 🙂

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