Trent Lott Should Go

It’s not a good weekend for Senate Majority Leader Lott, as the GOP was bloodied in Louisiana, and there are numerous calls for him to go.

If Lott simply said something mindbendingly stupid, he should have strongly distanced himself from it immediately. But so far, there’s been little of anything said by Lott about this issue. If Lott is that politically naive (or if Lott actually meant what he said, which would be inexcusable) he should resign as Majority Leader.

3 thoughts on “Trent Lott Should Go

  1. Oh c’mon. Look at WHERE he said that. I think before calling for his resignation we should make sure his comments wern’t mearly flattery. It was his 100th birthday for crying out loud. Hell I might have said the same thing just to be nice, however probably not in front of a C-SPAN camera…

    Now if he was SERIOUS then maybe you have a point…

  2. For a son of the south his remarks are awful
    and unnecessary and thoughtless He knows it is a sensitive issue. Don’t think we need this leader.
    He should resign at once.

  3. This is exactly the idiotic attitude that is keeping this nation down. ANY public official that could be so crass as to try to blow this off should be thrown from office not asked to step down.

    Trent Lott is the type of dinosaur along with Mr. Thermond that need to be cleaned out of the Senate and let some productive Americans take their place…..

    Not proud to be American today……

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