You’re Paid To Act, Not To Be Politicians

Another group of celebrities feels fit to blab about how terrible war with Iraq would be. Even Viggo Mortenson, who obviously missed the whole point of The Lord of the Rings, has been talking about how this war is all about oil.

To be honest, such attitudes are beginning to sicken me.

After reading the British Government’s latest dossier on Iraqi human rights abuses I cannot fathom how anyone could support such a horrific regime. Saddam Hussein dips political enemies in vats of acid, cuts out the tongues of people who speak out against him, and hires a professional rapist to violate Iraqi women. Reading such horrors is sickening beyond all belief.

At this point, I don’t care if this war really is about oil. I don’t even care if this is a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein. None of that matters – Saddam Hussein needs to be blasted to the deepest parts of Hell.

Yet after all that, these bunch of bobble-headed celebrities want to say how terrible it is that we’re going into Iraq. They argue that collateral damage might kill thousands of Iraqis. (Never mind the 170,000 Iraqis who just disappeared under Hussein’s watch.) They argue that this is all about oil. (Quite frankly, I’d rather have the money from Iraqi oil going to Exxon or Chevron than paying for the salary of a man whose job is the brutal rape of Iraqi women.) They say that they don’t want this war to be in their name.

Fine then. Let it be in mine.

2 thoughts on “You’re Paid To Act, Not To Be Politicians

  1. Well we better damn well be ready to do this all over the world after Iraq is secure. Will we? Of course not. No one will care. I agree the prime motivator in this conflict isn’t oil, it’s just the extra award on top of emilinating Saddam that makes our government motivated enough to do something about it.

    Now I could be completely wrong, however I’d be more than willing to bet after turning Iraq into a puppet state we’ll contain North Korea and call the war on terror complete. (I’m also betting Iran will have turned itself around by then too.) Of course this will leave dozens of nations under the control of tyrannical despots, some of whom have commited atrocities that at least match Saddam. Of course does this matter? No. There is no practical or economical benefit for us.

    Now until you call for taking down all the other tyrannies in the world, you should just shut the hell up about how attacking Iraq is for more than cheap oil. 🙂

    Now lets just hope that if they do take my route, we at least hold off long enough on China for them to turn themselves around too, or this could get really messy…

  2. Are you paid to be a politician? No? But it’s silly and beside the point. Saying, of even implying, that actors can’t speak out on, well, anything they damn well please *because* they are *just* actors belies your conservative pose, which, if it were more than a pose, would respect engaged citizens. I think Viggo Mortensen, whether he “gets” what you assume LOTR to be about or not, is a brave and good man for speaking up in the present (ironically) quasi-fascist environment.

    But that is not your only failure of mind.

    From that you jump to the ignorant assumption that questioning of and opposition to US war aims against Iraq automatically means that one supports the Iraqi regime. That’s the kind of reductionism that an enlightenment intellectual (of the kind so-called conservatives just don’t get) would find dangerous to the free mind as well as liberty in general.

    The only bobble-head you should concern yourself with, poser, is your own.

    How’s that for attitude?

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