BREAKING: Lott To Step Down?

Sources are telling me that Trent Lott will not seek reelection as Majority Leader of the Senate. The press conference will be at 5:30 EST today. Developing…

UPDATE: Drudge Report is saying this is just going to be another, if more forceful, apology. Somehow I have a feeling that the fact that it’s coming from Mississippi and the timing would indicate that it is more than that, but until the speech is made all one can do is speculate.

UPDATE: Josh Chafetz also has source that says that Lott will step down. The GOP establishment is most decidedly not happy with Lott, especially since they’ve been working so hard to bring black voters into the GOP. They want Lott to step down on his own, so it doesn’t look like the White House forced his exit. More as it develops…

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