It’s A Good Thing…

It looks like the nomination of Bill Frist to the SML position has not made things easy for the Democrats.

Democrats around the country say the replacement of Trent Lott with Bill Frist as Senate Republican leader greatly complicates their task of taking advantage of the racial furor sparked by Mr. Lott as they try to reassert themselves in a town dominated by Republicans.

Well, beside the fact that Washington DC will never be a town dominated by Republicans even if Capitol Hill might, this shows that the GOP made the right move politically if not elsewise. From the moment Lott opened his mouth he became damaged goods politically. Besides, it’s people like Frist who best exemplify the kind of compassionate conservatism that the GOP is moving towards. No wonder the Democrats are running scared – if they can’t tar and feather the GOP what else do they have to run on?

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