A Smart Panel Finding For Once

A panel on reinventing government supports decreasing the size of the federal government and giving government workers more freedom.

"The federal government is neither organized, nor staffed, nor adequately prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century," the report said. "If we do not make the necessary changes now, when our needs are clear, we will be forced to cope with the consequences later in crisis after crisis."

I wouldn’t be holding my breath on any of these changes getting through. The federal government is resistant to even the most sensible changes, constantly growing, and based upon the concepts of covering one’s own ass as best as possible while maintaining the ability to screw over others. It’s what happens when you create a system in which power is exercised without large amounts of personal responsibility. The kind of abuses routinely seen in the federal government would never be acceptable in the private sector because the private sector is directly accountable to shareholdes. The government is rarely accountable to anyone, even those agencies assigned to keep affairs on budget and clean of abuse.

Unfortunately, many groups are as dependant on the federal government as an addict is to their next hit. Which is why the size, scope, and abuses of the government have only grown with time. Neither party has the political will to clean up the mess. (Although the Democrats are by far the worst offenders by the very nature of their political philosophy.) Until that status quo changes, our government will continue to grow both in size and in inefficiency.

One thought on “A Smart Panel Finding For Once

  1. What we need to do here is eliminate tenure and raise wages. Increased productivity will at the very least result in a more efficient government, at the very best result in a wealth of jobs that can be eliminated.

    Coming from a Democrat of all people.

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