Al-Jazeera just showed a massive bombardment in Baghdad. "Shock and awe" is a very accurate term for what we’re now seeing.

The bombardment is incredible. Explosions are going on all around Baghdad. A good section of the city appears to be on fire, looking like the area around the Tigris where many of the military installations and palaces are located.

From the size of the smoke clouds, these could be 2,000lbs bombs we’re dropping.

UPDATE: 12:12PM CST – Fox is reporting that some of the bombs might be 5,000lbs "bunker buster" bombs. From the massive size of the explosions, that seems likely. Targets include Iraq command and communications infrastructure.

UPDATE: 12:07PM CST – Saddam’s main palace has been hit and hit hard, by approximately 12 cruise missiles. Correspondents are saying that we will not use e-bombs on Baghdad to keep electricity online for later occupation and to make sure that the Iraqis see the "shock and awe" campaign.

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