"Shock And Awe" Begins

The Pentagon has announced that the "shock and awe" campaign against Baghdad and other targets has begun.

UPDATE: 11:57AM CST – Mosul is under heavy attack according to al-Jazeera.

UPDATE: 11:54AM CST – Rumors has it we’ll see the use of EMP pulse weapons. If the cameras in Baghdad go out, we’ll know that the e-bombs have likely been used.

UPDATE: 11:53AM CST – Anti-aircraft fire in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Mosul. SkyNews is reporting explosions in Baghdad.

More as it occurs…

One thought on “"Shock And Awe" Begins

  1. This was the second bloody assault waged today, even if it was the first by the US military. The first came from the hands of the US House, and its targets were future generations and veterans. It does not surprise me that you have failed to mention this, either out of preoccupation with the war or mere inability to defend the indefensible, but our Congress has definitely waged a strike to the heart of Americans under our noses.

    Unfortunately, Baghdad is likely to be rebuilt long before the damage the US House did this morning at home can be cleaned up. By a three-vote majority, the House just nailed the hands of their children and grandchildren to a financial crucifix, in an legislative abomination disguised as “tax relief” and “economic stimulus.” Unless the Senate miraculously killed this travesty, the debt burden willed to future generations will increase by $1.8 trillion plus substantial interest so that their gluttonous parents can have another undeserved tax cut (provided that their parents are wealthy enough to be stockholders and qualify for the tax cut).

    What’s even worse is that swing votes in the House debate were bullied into submission by the right-wing “patriot police” on Capitol Hill, who suggested that not rubber-stamping this ruinous policy would be an act of betrayal to the President during wartime. These same flag-waving “patriots” cut benefits promised to veterans substantially AGAIN to help pay for a portion of the tax cuts, once again proving that those who shout the loudest about other people’s patriotism are the ones most likely to lead veterans into a financial gas chamber after their body is removed from the military uniform.

    For the second day this week, I weep for my country….but not as much as we’ll all be weeping when the bill comes due for the devastating assault Congress waged against American this morning. Make no mistake, we witnessed two acts of war this morning.

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