One thought on “Keeping Score

  1. this deck is so very funny. this sure is a funny game!
    I hope that when they will be all captured, US officials will play chess with these guys as pions!!
    I also hope that they could print another version with mutilated iraqi civilians.that would be even funnier.It’s not like these people were humans anyway: their life is just a game for us waiting for the new baseball season to begin.
    I wish I could see them get shot! Wouldn’t that be funny jay reding? Wouldn’t you love it? It is so funny to know that people are on death row, or are being tortured like in guantanamo! don’t say they’re not tortured: just from what we see, it’s terrible, so imagine what happens in the buildings…
    they did bad things as iraqi oficials, so they deserve that!(christian value of forgiveness?)?

    you are just follow every step of the propaganda of your extremist government in his population don’t even question what they say, nor the way they do it.this site with the deck of card looks like a nazi poster with the pictures of the members of the communist parti tracked to death printed on the walls in germany before war.
    the government blamed Irak for videotaping american prisonners, and is doing a lot worse now by printing such a deck!!!

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