More Crackdowns In Iran

Iranian officials have detained a prominent Iranian journalist and blogger as part of a larger crackdown on the emerging Iranian dissident movement. The Iranian mullahs are engaged in a political power struggle with reformist elements in the Iranian government.

It is clear that the Iranian people are moving towards freedom, and the liberation of Iraq may only serve to increase that push. It is absolutely imperative that the United States stands behinds the reform movement in Iran. A strong and democratic Iran could help increase the spread of freedom and democracy in Iraq and in the Middle East in general.

One thought on “More Crackdowns In Iran

  1. Remember the last time Iran was trending towards democracy? It was about this time 25 years ago, and we all know what happened next. It would be ideal to see the Arab nations trend towards democratic government, but the culture of the region suggests the only way to sustain long-term democratic principles is by force….and democracy by force isn’t much of an alternative to what they have now.

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