EU To Ban Pig Latin

The European Union, in order to promote a greater tolerance for people of the Muslim faith is banning the use of Pig Latin across the EU. Said EU representative Björn Toulouse:

As many of you may know, the pig is considered an unclean animal to Muslims. Therefore, following the ban of a statue of a pig in the UK, we’ve decided that in the interest in multicultaral harmony we’ve decided to also ban the use of pig latin across the European Union.

The decision was hailed by various Muslim groups as a decision that would help plunge Europe into shari’a make Europe a more tolerant place. However, not everyone is happy with the decision. The head of the London branch of the Ocietysay of Igpay Atinlay issued this formal statement of protest:

Isthay ecisionday ybay ethay EUWAY isway absolutelyway orrendoushay. Inway away imetay enwhay ourway eciouspray
inguisticlay iversityday isway alreadyway underway attackway
ybay ontinuouslycay encroachingway ulturalcay egemonyhay, ethay
actionsway ofway ethay EUWAY areway entirelyway
ounterproductivecay andway angerousday.

The ban is expected to go into effect beginning the first of July and penalties range from a fine of several Euros to being tied to a chair and forced to listen to speeches by former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien – a move that has caused several human rights organizations to protest, citing cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Geneva Convention.

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