Lileks – Traitor To The Revolution

After reading the latest counterrevolutionary Bleatings of one James Lileks, it is clear that he must be sent for vigorous torturepeaceful reeducation at once! For instance, he writes that:

We stopped pretending we would ratify Kyoto. We only spent $15 billion on AIDS in Africa. We did not take dictation from Paris. If we had done these things, it would minimize the world’s anger.

Is the world angry at Russia, which spends nothing on AIDS and rebuffed Kyoto? Is the world angry at China, which got a pass on Kyoto and spends nothing on AIDS for other countries?

Is the world angry at North Korea for killings its people? Angry at Iran for smothering that vibrant nation with corrupt and thuggish mullocracy? Angry at Syria for occupying Lebanon? Angry at Saudi Arabia for its denial of women’s rights? Angry at Russia for corrupt elections? Is the world angry at China for threatening Taiwan, or angry at France for joining the Chinese in joint military exercises that threatened the island on the eve of an election? Is the world angry at Zimbabwe for stealing land and starving people? Is the world angry at Pakistan for selling nuclear secrets? Is the world angry at Libya for having an NBC program?

Is the world angry at the thugs of Fallujah?

Is the world angry at anyone besides America and Israel?

Well, Comrade, the answer is nyet! Everyone knows that all evil flows from the Great Satans of Amerikkka and Israel, and those people who blow up innocent civilians evil warmongers are just misunderstood. You see, comrades we all know that al-Qaeda just wants the evil imperialist warmonger neocon Bush to sign Kyoto and they would go away. The Iraqi resistance – all they want is for the reconstruction of Iraq to include France be internationalized and they’ll lay down their arms and join everyone in singing the Internationale and drinking copious amounts of vodka! They’re not evil, they’re just misunderstood.

Yet the imperialistic evil war-criminal Bush and his sinister cabal of evil Jews neo-conservatives want nothing more than perpetual war for oil. It’s perfectly fine to let Saddam Hussein kill his own people while you take his oil – but removing one of our best clients an evil dictator is just crossing the line, da?

I mean c’mon, Saddam Hussein wasn’t hurting anyone other than millions of Shi’ites, Kurds, Turkomens, Chaldean Christians, and Marsh Arabs! Who cares about them so long as a good Socialist is in office, right comrades?

Besides, as Comrade Billmon has already noted, terrorism is exactly what the evil capitalist pig-dogs of Amerikka deserve for lynching people in 1920! After all, it’s perfectly acceptable to kill people for actions their grandfathers or someone that had absolutely no relation to them did 84 years ago, so long as those people are Israelis are Americans. It’s only fair!

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